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  • Couples Counseling

    Developing and maintaining a healthy relationship takes work! Healthy relationships are comprised of trust, respect, friendship, love, appreciation, equality, compromise, dedication, communication, and encouragement. In a healthy relationship, both people grow as individuals. Spending time apart is healthy and encouraged, so that neither individual trades their independence for codependency. Each partner appreciates each other’s positive qualities, but also recognizes and accepts each other’s limitations. In marriage and relationship counseling, our couples are taught the tools and techniques they need to develop healthy relationships.

    Often couples face one or many of the below issues in their relationship. This does not mean that your relationship is doomed! It simply means your relationship needs some work to grow and become healthier.

    Issues you may be currently facing in your relationship:

    • Loss of connection
    • Infidelity
    • Deciding whether or not to grow your family
    • Parenting
    • Cultural differences
    • Passion and/or sexual issues
    • Arguments
    • Codependency/loss of your independence
    • Balancing work and your relationship
    • Divorce and co-parenting
    • Financial stressors
    • Blended family challenges
    • Building trust issues
    • Power struggles
    • Can’t come to a compromise

    At Mindful Counseling, we accept all relationships: LGBTQ, heterosexual, married, co-parenting, premarital, and dating. If each partner is willing to put in the work to strengthen their relationship, we can help!  Contact our couples counselor, Natasha, today to begin your work!