Compassionate Care

At Mindful Counseling we strive to provide compassionate, nonjudgmental care that is unique to your needs.

From the day-to-day stress to traumatic loss, we will all face a variety of hardships and struggles at times in our lives.  Mindful Counseling is passionate about being a helping hand during those times.  Our unique specialties include:

  • Working with people attempting to set healthy boundaries with family members and heal from past family trauma
  • Working with women impacted by relationship trauma
  • Working with young adults going through transitions including, graduating high school, graduating college, finding identity, change in life course, etc.
  • Working with adolescents and adults impacted by trauma and PTSD symptoms

Along with the above specialties, Mindful Counseling also provides services to those

  • struggling with depression
  • having difficulty managing anxiety
  • working through adolescent/parent relationship struggles
  • struggling with pre-teen/teen-specific concerns
  • finding themselves in complicated grief/loss
  • increasing awareness into co-dependency tendencies and increasing confidence to change behavior

And some positives too of course!

  • increasing mind/body connection
  • increasing self-awareness
  • increasing ability to separate thoughts and feelings from self
  • increasing confidence in managing and expressing self


Please feel free to browse our website to learn more about Mindful Counseling and what our services can do for you!  Do not hesitate to contact us directly at (940) 312-7110 for any questions that you do not find the answer to here or just to chat and see if Mindful Counseling may be a good fit for your unique needs.