Reiki is an energy healing technique that supports relaxation, reduces stress & calms anxiety. It can help people in becoming more energetically balanced — physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. It also supports those who are desiring more groundedness in their lives, seeking the ability to be present and tune into their own wisdom, guidance, & intuition.

Think about it this way…we are all made up of energy. I am sure you can think of a time you were in, what I call, a flow state. Maybe you were working on a project, completing an assignment or task, or running a race and things were simply clicking. You were completing something with ease…no hiccups, no obstacles, no stress…just flow. Now remember a time where you felt high stress…perhaps you were fearful of losing your job or feeling unstable in a relationship…no flow to be found here. Your energy was blocked and out of balance, leading to fear and instability.


Your Reiki practitioner will act as a conduit, of sorts, guiding the flow of healing energy to your body, improving the balance of your own energy that promotes security, safety, stability, access to inner wisdom, creativity, finding your voice…to just name a few :).


Reiki is now being used across the world in treatment centers, hospitals and hospices. It is a recognized form of support that benefits everyone who comes into contact with it.




Studies show that reiki treatment may create feelings of:

Distance Reiki

Did you know Distance Reiki is just as beneficial as In-Person Reiki? If you find yourself unsure if you want to come in person but are curious about receiving this type of energetic healing, perhaps Distance Reiki is right for you! Here is what to expect in a Distance Reiki session:


Before your first session, I will email you a quick intake form that will help me get to know you a bit more and understand your present concerns/obstacles.

At the start of your session time, I will call you to briefly review your intake form and introduce myself. I will inform you of the process and what to expect and answer any questions you may have.


After we hang up from the call, I will ask you to find a comfortable, quiet space in your environment. Many people like to play gentle music or burn candles or incense. Some like to have their favorite crystals nearby.


While you are in this quiet, relaxed space, I will be assessing your energy and transferring healing energy throughout your body to where it is needed the most. You may notice tingling sensations, body movements, or nothing at all. All is okay. Your sole job will be to set intention of receiving and healing during this time.


After the session, I will reach back out to you either call or email, whichever you prefer, to process what came up, biggest areas of focus, and helpful ideas of how to support yourself the most moving forward.