Young Adult Counseling

At Mindful Counseling, we have much experience working with young adults. During this time in one’s life, questions about one’s self and future begin to surface. This can feel quite overwhelming. Who am I? Where am I going? What do I want to do with my life? These are all real, valid questions that many young adults struggle with at times. Often, with little support or guidance, anxiety or depression can kick in with overwhelming pressure or angst to come up with an answer or have direction. At Mindful Counseling, we are passionate about providing a safe, comfortable environment in which you can process through these questions or concerns. Our hope is to help you gain confidence in where you are and where you are going by gaining more self-awareness and learning to take confident steps toward your future.




Life Transitions

Here in Denton we have two major universities, along with many community colleges in the surrounding areas. At Mindful Counseling, we have worked with many young adults facing life transitions such as entering college, adjusting to college, exiting college, adjustment to leaving the support system they knew in earlier years behind, identify crisis, etc. As well, we know life transitions can happen at any point in life such as a loss in life, change in career path, divorce, etc. At Mindful Counseling we work with these individuals uniquely addressing the anxiety, frustration, and pain that can come along with these transitions. We work with clients on problem-solving issues they feel hostage to and helping clients gain empowerment and confidence while going through these changes that can come and go in life.

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Anxiety is one of the top issues we see clients struggle with most. When working with anxiety, we strive to spend time understanding the client’s unique concerns surrounding it. We work with clients to identify triggers, learn coping skills, and learn ways of attacking the anxiety. This may include identifying and challenging thoughts triggering anxiety, learning physiological and mental coping skills, and psycho-education surrounding anxiety, among others.

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When faced with depression, clients will learn how to recognize and manage their unique depressive symptoms. Clients will learn to identify and challenge thoughts triggering their depression and learn how to be proactive in battling the depression.  The approach is always gentle and supportive, allowing clients to feel safe and secure while going through this process.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD can be impactful in many ways.   A person’s emotional, mental, and even physical state can be altered.  When working with clients battling PTSD, we first work to hear the story our clients are so bravely willing to share with us.  With this information, we can decide on a treatment plan unique to the client’s experiences.  This may be with the help of EMDR, the leading trauma therapy, or other modalities proven effective in treating this disorder.  Whatever way we go about it, client care and reaching client goals is our top priority.

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Relationship / Communication Issues

At Mindful Counseling, we strive to help clients improve communication, address problems that have created stress in the relationship, and deepen understanding of one another’s perspective.  We work to help clients learn conflict resolution skills and define expectations of self and other.  Through a deeper understanding and awareness into each other, can come hope and possibility for a successful relationship.

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Grief / Loss

Bereavement can be one of life’s most painful experiences, and it certainly does not have to be faced alone. When supporting clients experiencing grief and loss, we provide a space to explore the varied emotions that may arise. Within a warm and supportive environment, we support clients in honoring their unique experiences and collaboratively identify individualized skills for coping.

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Career Counseling

Identifying a career path that is a best fit can feel overwhelming. Increasing awareness regarding personality, abilities, and strengths can provide a solid foundation for making career decisions, both present and future. Through individualized assessments and personal exploration, we support clients in discovering their personal career goals and collaboratively identify the resources necessary to move towards achieving them.

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